Sustainable and impact investing

8F was born from the vision of a close team of experts from the world’s leading financial organizations. With their network and knowledge, 8F has put together a global aquaculture strategy that focuses both on strong social and environmental responsibility, as well as financial returns.

Today 8F is focused on the management of funds that own Pure Salmon, a global vertically integrated Atlantic Salmon company, which uses innovative and sustainable land based RAS technology to produce fresh, sustainable and healthy Atlantic Salmon locally for local consumers.

With its tremendous positive impact on the environment, the health of its consumers and its capacity to fill the gap between worldwide demand and supply for healthy protein, RAS technology has the potential to revolutionize the fish industry.

Pure Salmon has the ambition to become the world’s largest sustainable Atlantic Salmon producer and is already on its way to do so.

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Pure Salmon Lesotho


As part of its 260,000 tons global production target, Pure Salmon announced in July 2019 a 20,000 tonnes RAS facility in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Developed in partnership with the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC), the US$250m project will bring significant social and economic positive impact to the African country.

Due to complete by 2023, it is predicted to have annual revenues accounting for 8% of the country’s GDP, generate over 250 full time jobs and be powered on 100% renewable energy from the adjacent hydroelectric power station.